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Legend of Korra OC 2-Mayna by baren777
Legend of Korra OC 2-Mayna
Wow it's been forever since I uploaded anything XD 
I did this last night after a second wind at 1-3 in the morning that was the belated result of some very sugary coffee I drank. 

Anyway, this is Mayna, my second lok OC. As stated in the little footnotes, she and Korra were childhood friends. They were practically sisters growing up and due to their friendship their families practically melted together to where they called each others parents "auntie" and "uncle". 
When they were little, on the outskirts of the village, Korra was practicing her fire bending and putting on a show for Mayna. However at one point it got a bit out of hand, Korra made a large burst of flames and Mayna got burnt and was sent flying. Despite this incident, Mayna holds no grudge because she understands it was an accident and she was the one egging Korra on to do more. 
Despite their kinship, there is one thing Mayna has kept secret from absolutely everyone: her uncanny ease at blood bending. Just as the three elements came easy to Korra, so did blood bending to Mayna. It terrified her the first time she accidentally blood bent her baby brother when he was throwing a tantrum and she yelled at him to stop and waved her arm. She suddenly felt strange and saw her baby brother shaking and making choking sounds. It took her a minute to realize what was happening and she stopped, dumbstruck by what she had just done. Her brother was too young to recall it.

In current day, she has made her way to Republic City to visit Korra now and again. She wasn't there during the Amon scare and battle, but she heard of it and came rushing to the city to help her friend towards the end. After seeing the scrutiny and fear in everyone's reaction to blood bending, she became a tinge paranoid in the city and left for home.

She assisted in the battle against Korra's uncle and cousins ( she's always had a little crush on Desna, but Eska kept her at bay.... she thinks she's a little bit off the deep end). 

After the fight with the Red Lotus, Mayna snuck into Zaheer's dungeon and performed the same act Amon did to the other benders in the first season, only with this she screwed up Zaheer's chakras so much that there is no hope that he will ever be able to air bend again. 

And yes, that is a betrothal necklace she's wearing. No, she's not engaged; she found it in her mother's old things and was told the story of how her great great grandparents met. Plus she thought it was pretty so she asked if she could keep it. It keeps creepers at bay when they ask what it is and where she got it. XD with just the two words "betrothal necklace" they scurry away. 
Okay, so, when I was younger I saw Kakurenbo when it first aired on adult swim at night, and I was home alone. I changed the channel as soon as I saw Kimotori/ Liver Taker full frontal camera lunge at the kid with the glasses. Scared the shit outta me! 

Now, years later, I have come to have a strange, fearful love for the movie and have come up with an idea for a little mini story. One that tells of how Oshira-sama/ the fox/ the fifth demon that possesses the next person who's "it" came to be with the demons. I have read two pages about what little info there is on him. One said that he was captured by the demons and forced to go bring kids to the town, another said simply that he was their leader. 
My idea is that yes, he was captured, but it was his idea to go and use children as an energy source for the lights of the demon city, which in turn made the demons release him and name him their leader. 

Im im probably gonna write this either way, but I felt like changing the journal so yeah. 


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