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Langue de Serpent/ Seduire by baren777
Langue de Serpent/ Seduire
This is a new character of mine XD they just keep coming. His title is Langue de Serpent ( serpent/ snake tongue) and his name or nickname is Seduire (seduce) (both French)

Anyway, this fellows back story is that back in the garden of Eden, he allowed lucifer to use one of his serpents to trick Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge. He was none to pleased with Lucifer afterward for causing the disdain of his beloved creature nor the fear instilled in them afterward. He then chose a few select serpents to bestow venom upon, a few he gave great size and strength and gave all great stealth to evade attacks from other species. 

The markings one his face and neck are natural, like freckles or birthmarks. They are just parts of skin that are darker. He does have a forked tongue and has a deep connections to all snakes and snake related creatures (like nagas) 
Alternate Ending by baren777
Alternate Ending
"You stupid, naive FOOL! You were supposed to seduce him, not the other way around!!"-Ursula

"I won't let you take him! I've sacrificed so much to be with Eric and I will not hand him over to someone who doesn't even love him!" -Ariel

"You think I intended this to happen?..." -Serene

... Yup. You send a young guppy to do a woman's job, and look at that! She falls for her 

In my verse with my OC Serene, Ursula first sends her apprentice to seduce Eric away from Ariel. In the beginning it was all about sport, playing keep away with the little fish princess. That is, until Eric began to show genuine interest in Serene, much to her shock. I mean yeah, that's what she was sent to do, but she didn't think the prince would actually start to like-like her .... Nor did she anticipate the growing mutual feelings. In the end though, Ursula comes as Vanessa and hypnotizes Eric and the wedding proceeds as in the movie. Only unlike Ariel, Serene was on the wedding boat as "Vanessa's" bridesmaid and carried her train. A bit of emotional punishment for falling for the prince. When Ariel's and Ursula's true identities are revealed, Serene's tentacles come back as well and she attempts to flee the ship, but is captured by the shocked and terrified wedding party.

In the end, Eric has to make a choice- the first girl he loved that saved his life, or the other girl he loves and shares so much more in common with. (While Ariel was mute, Serene was able to have actual conversations with Eric and they got to know each other pretty well and found they had more than a few common interests).
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Dandy Mott- finale: "Marriage is hard!"

my mind: "Darling!" O_O ....... Eddie?!


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